Here is a list of some of the most popular and best cellphone monitoring applications. Basically, nowadays all these applications are 100% professional apps, maybe you can see a difference in price, or some features that you might be looking for, either way, I recommend you visiting the pages for each of the apps to get a better idea and make the best choice.

Both monitoring applications are 100% compatible with all Android and iPhone smartphones. Both work on any country and are very effective and dependable when it is time to capture all the information that goes through a cellphone.

The most important requirement for any Android cell phone tracker application is to have access to the cell phone you want to spy. You need unblocked access to be able to download the app directly to the Android cell phone from the phone’s web browser. There is no other way to monitor an Android cellphone effectively. There is no way to install an Android cell phone tracker just using the cell phone’s phone number, its IMEI or to install the phone tracker remotely.

When is time to monitor an iPhone you have two choices: If you have access to the iPhone you want to spy and you can jailbreak the iPhone, then you can install the application directly into this iPhone. If you don’t have access or prefer not to perform a jailbreak on the iPhone you want to monitor, then you can use any of the applications to spy on an iPhone remotely (you just need the iCloud credentials). Let’s take a look at how these cellphone monitoring apps compare:

Compare the Best Cellphone Monitoring Applications

Choose Your Spy App
  •    Compatible with Android and iPhone Cellphones
  •    iPhone No Jailbreak Option Available
  •    Runs on Android and iPad Tablets
  •    Record Phone Calls and Surroundings
  •    Monitor Phone Calls
  •    Read Text Messages
  •    Read Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Tinder, Line, etc.
  •    Track GPS Location and GeoFencing
  •    Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities
  •    View Photos and Watch Videos
  •    Remote Control
  •    Alerts
  •    Web Based Control Panel
  •    100% Undetectable
  •    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  •    Customer Support
  •    Demo Available
  •    Free Updates
  •    Price (1 month Premium)


  • $59.99 USD


  • $69.99 USD


You can find more information visiting any of the cell phone tracker application’s website. Please don’t delay, you can visit any page without any pressure to purchase anything. Both cellphone monitoring apps are very professional and will deliver all the information you need to find the truth.