Discovering how to stop bullying is more important than ever. The bullying and harassment problems have increased on the past 10 years. Statistics show that over half of teenagers and adolescents have been bullied online ( 77% of all students are being bullied verbally (spreading rumors, yelling obscenities or other derogatory words based on his or her race, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc. Out of this 77%, a staggering 14% have a bad or severe reaction to this type of abuse. (according to recent school bullying statistics:

Before you know how to stop bullying, you have to understand what it is first.

What is Bullying at School?

Bullying at school is when one student causes harm or intimidates another student on purpose. There are 2 types of bullying that can happen in schools.

  1. Direct bullying: This can be verbal where one child starts to insult, tease, threaten or even name-call another child, or physical bullying, that is the attempt to harm the other child physically through hitting, tripping or pushing the victim.
  2. Indirect bullying: This is less visible compared to direct bullying but has the same impact and is as painful for the victim. It is also known as social or ‘relational’ bullying. This includes social actions like excluding someone from a certain group on purpose or spreading rumors about them.

The first step to stop bullying at school is of course to find about it. If your kids will not talk about it, you can easily rely on clues like behavior changes, grades, etc.

How can Bullying be done to your Child’s Phone using Facebook, Email or Text Messages?

how to stop cyberbullying on facebook

how to stop cyberbullying on facebook

This is also known as cyberbullying which is bullying using electronic technology. Equipment and devices are the electronic technology which includes; computers, cellphones, tablets and also communication tools such as text messages, websites, chat and social media platforms.

Bullying can be done to your child’s cellphone through spreading of mean emails or text messages, rumors posted on social media platforms or sent through emails, and humiliating pictures, websites videos, or fake profiles. In this situation, parental control needs to move to the electronic devices and social apps used by your son or daughter.

How is Cyber Bullying Different?

  • Cyber bullying happens at any time of day or night and gets to the child even when he/she is all alone.
  • Cyber bullying images or messages can be posted and distributed anonymously within a short period of time to many people (going viral is the term used for this fast propagation of information). Sometimes, it is very difficult trying to trace their source.
  • It is extremely hard to delete humiliating or inappropriate pictures, texts or messages after they have been distributed or posted, and the damage will have already been done.

Effects and Consequences of Cyber Bullying

how to stop bullying for kids

how to stop bullying for kids

The blame for cyber bullying cannot be put on electronic technology since the same channels and platforms can be used to create positive impacts on the lives of children. It all depends on how the person uses these tools. Whether the bullying is done through technology or in person, the effects are the same.

Children who are often cyber bullied are more likely to skip school, receive poor grades, lose interest in attending the school, use drugs and alcohol, experience in-person bullying, experience more health problems, have lower self-esteem and\or have bouts of depression.

How Can You Protect Your Kids From Being Victims of Cyber Bullying?

Even though cyber bullying happens in cyberspace, there are various ways that the parents can do to protect their kids from being victims of cyber bullying and stop bullying at school. Parental control must be put in place to monitor the well-being of the child. These tips include;

  • Know what you child is doing online and establish certain rules when they are using their computers and cell phones.
  • Teach your children on how to abstain from sharing videos, texts or photos that might offend someone else who will see them or might need to be kept private.
  • ‘Add’ and ‘follow’ your child on different social media platforms or ask your friend to do it to be able to stay up-to-date on what they are updating. My best advice is to follow your son or daughter on Facebook but refrain to comment on his or her updates. Discovering how to stop cyberbullying on facebook can be challenging if you don’t understand the technology. Parent monitoring apps like the one mentioned at the bottom of this article help a lot in this regard.
  • Convince them that it is important to let you know when they become cyber bullying victims in order to help them. It will not always work and will be hard to gain their trust in the beginning but it will be nice to start building some foundation for his or her teenager years. Stop bullying is only possible after you find it exists, communication for this and other issues is critical.
  • Install monitoring software on your children’s electronic devices (using one of the best parental control software for cell phones like the one mentioned below, click here to learn more about how to track an iPhone for example.) and tell them that it is your responsibility to check how they are interacting when you think it’s appropriate. Be delicate, is not about privacy intrusion but family protection.

How to Discover If Your Son or Daughter is Being Bullied

There are various parental control for Android and iPhone cellphones available in the market, below you can find special offers of some of these apps with the best balance between required features, effectiveness and price.

You can use a cell phone tracker and monitor the various activities of your children. Using the parental control monitoring software, you will be able to track your child’s location, view the text messages, review chat conversations in social apps, view photos and videos, check which webpages your son or daughter visits the most and much more.

Through this monitoring app, you will able to get the necessary information you need to know about your child, whether he/she is being bullied or is bullying other children in order to take appropriate action.

This monitoring application has all the features you need to capture the vast types of information coming and going out of your son or daughter cellphones. But for you, as a parent, offers you an automatic application that will start capturing all the information without asking for your intervention.

Is completely undetectable so if you want to keep it a secret you can (is your choice how to run your parental control). The monitoring app is easy to operate and will allow you to review all the information from your control panel, a series of web pages that only you can access from any device with web connection. You will be able to review all the information, like GPS location, text messages, phone calls and social updates at all times and from anywhere.


How to Stop Bullying…. Last Words.

Children nowadays must have a cell phone with them, and most of the things they do involves using it in one way or the other. When you monitor the activities of your child’s cell phone, you will be able to know when he/she is being bullied and help him/her from the situation. This way, you will be able to take the next step to stop bullying and remove it from your child’s life. Please visit the information page and take the first step to protecting your children.