Tracking your employees use of cellphones is becoming a trend in the modern industrial world. While is understandable that some employees need to use a company’s cellphone, is also your responsibility as a business owner, to monitor the use and abuse of all the cellphones that belong to your company.

When used properly, cellphones can increase your employees’ productivity by allowing constant communication. Many jobs, like sales and deliveries for example, require the employee to make or receive business calls at anytime during his or her shift, so I am not advocating to cease use of a company cellphone, but to monitor all incoming and outgoing information when used during and after the employee’s work hours and start tracking employees with GPS for those working outside an office.

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Tracking Employees to Protect your Company

tracking employees cellphoneUnmonitored cellphone use can lower employee productivity or worse, result in the loss or theft of confidential information. Without a security solution specifically designed to prevent these issues, you’d have no means of ensuring that your employees stay productive and your company’s confidential data is safe. If your business can afford a comprehensive IT solution or if you already have an IT security framework in place to address these issues then good for you. But what if you’re a start-up and your company is still trying to build up some financial clout? Is there a way on how to monitor your employees’ use of cellphones without breaking the bank?

How to Start Tracking your Employees Android or iPhone Cellphones

If your employees are using an Android or iPhone cellphone, then you might want to check out our comparison page for two of the best cellphone monitoring applications in the market. Both are very high-end, full of features but with a low price.

For a reasonable low price, the tracking employees spy application offers a comprehensive cellphone monitoring solution that any entrepreneur or manager strapped for budget is sure to love. This monitoring app can monitor a wide range of information automatically, discreetly, and effectively from any Android or iPhone smartphone.

Once you have an application monitoring your employees you will be able to:

1) REVIEW ALL THE CALL LOGS (telephone number, day and time, duration and name if a contact has been assigned that number) for incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can easily find information about each phone call your employee makes and receives.

2) READ THE CONTENTS OF ALL EMAILS and make sure your employee is not sharing confidential information. This is one of the most powerful features for tracking employees who are breaking your trust and confidence.

3) REVIEW ALL MEDIA (PHOTOS AND VIDEOS) TAKEN WITH THE PHONE’S CAMERA. There are many scanners in place to check for confidential data in text, but nothing for checking the content of each image or photo taken by the smartphone. With this application you will be able to review and make sure nothing is escaping your control without you knowing.

4) READ THE CONTENTS OF ALL TEXT MESSAGES send and received by your employees. Monitoring your employees text messages is important if you are trying to protect your company.

5) Constantly MONITOR THE LOCATION ON A MAP and find where is the cellphone at all times, an excellent way for tracking employees with GPS.

6) READ ALL CHAT CONVERSATIONS taken place in social apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, LINE, Skype and Facebook Messenger. Many employees might think that they can hide from phone-calls monitoring by using chat apps like WhatsApp to talk all the time they want, but they are mistaken.

With all these features (and many more), You will be able to protect your company and make tracking employees an easy process. There is very little information an employee can hide when the cellphone is being monitored by one of these tracking apps, sooner or later you will discover the truth. This is an economical proactive approach to safeguard your company’s best interests.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Monitoring App

Having all the features available in the cellphone monitoring market is not enough to make you purchase and invest in this application. The good news is that any of the cellphone tracking applications I recommend also offers good value for you and your company:

1. 100% Undetectable

The app runs in the background and starts automatically after completing the installation. It will not interfere with the cell phone’s normal functions. If you decide not to remove the icons, these will not open or reveal the monitoring application. Tracking employees using any of these tracking applications will not put you or your company in any risk of being discovered.

2. Affordable – Best Value in the Market Today

How much does a customized IT security solution for businesses cost nowadays? With its features and a reasonable prices any of the recommended cellphone tracking apps are hands down the most economical employee monitoring solution that money can buy.

There are no updates fees. No storage fees. No help support fees. No membership fees. Like I said, these apps offer the best value in the market of cellphone employee tracking and monitoring apps.

3. Ready to Start Capturing Information in Minutes

The fact that any of these cellphone tracking apps are such a lightweight apps would also mean that it won’t take a long time to download on your employee’s Android or iPhone cellphone. If you are using WiFi during the installation process it can take only a couple of minutes to be up and ready. Just enter the license code (sent to you by email immediately after completing your purchase) and voila! Effective monitoring for pennies a day.

4. Easy to Install

Installing one of the monitoring apps on the employee’s cell phone you want monitored is easy even for those who aren’t technically inclined.

Installing an app on the company’s Android or iPhone smartphone you want to monitor is easy, fast and simple. There is no technical knowledge requirement, your purchase gives you access to an easy to follow step-by-step manual that includes a screen capture for every step.

You can either use the phone you want to monitor to download and install the app or you can download it on your PC/Mac and install it via USB to the target cell phone.

In the event that you wish to stop your monitoring of your employee’s phone then you can use the app’s remote uninstall feature. This will delete/uninstall all traces of the app without your employee knowing any better.

5. Remote Configuration and Operation

All configurations, activating and deactivating any tracking feature, can be completed remotely from your web control panel. You do not need to regain access to the monitored cellphone to make changes and operate the app. You can even uninstall the app remotely, making the process of tracking employees completely transparent and non-invasive.

start using cellphone tracking apps to monitor employees

6. Easy to Review all Information

Once installed, the cellphone tracking app will upload all captured information to cloud servers. You will be able to review all the captured information from a series of secure web pages from any device with access to the web. These information is available at all hours, day or night, and any day of the year (24/7/365). Imagine being able to track your employees location by GPS while you are having dinner just by browsing on your cell phone.

7. Technical Support

As good as any application can be there are always times when technical support is needed. Both companies offer 24/7 support for those times when a quick fix is required. You also have the opportunity to purchase a Premium Help Support service during checkout.

8. Money-Back Warranty

Monitoring a cell phone is not an easy process to develop. There are so many models and applications that can be installed on the target phone that testing each one of those combinations is almost impossible. I won’t lie to you and tell you everything is going to be fine, ’cause for some people there might be compatibility issues that cannot be fixed.

If you need the application to monitor US devices like LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola or Samsung Android phones or iPhones, I doubt there will be problems. Those are 100% compatible devices. But, there are some businesses with Chinese cellphone models with two or more SIMs that might encounter some difficulties.

Regardless of what the issue is, if the app just doesn’t run or some feature just will not work, you are protected with a guarantee. The process is painless and it can be accomplished online or by phone.


In terms of features, both tracking applications are not limited to tracking just internet messaging apps. You can also use it to track your employees’ possible detrimental activities on social media networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, and Skype. The app even allows you to recover deleted messages from an employee’s cellphone that you could potentially use as evidence.

If you’re a manager or business owner who values confidentiality and demands productivity from his/her employees, then take action and start monitoring their Android or iPhone cellphone usage with this type of software. This easy-to-install app’s reasonable price tag and bevy of features that rival even enterprise-grade monitoring solutions is an investment that is guaranteed to pay dividends as your company grows. Don’t worry another second and start tracking employees right now by visiting any of these pages or sending me an email to help you with that decision.