Choosing a dependable iPhone tracker can be challenging, not only because there is little information, but you also need to find a safe, fast and effective way to track and capture all the information coming and going from an iPhone. Depending on your situation and what are you looking to gain from using an iPhone tracker you might need to review all the phone calls or just locate the iPhone instantly using its GPS. You might need to capture emails, or maybe pictures and videos, choosing the best iPhone tracker app can be a challenge.

How to Find the Best iPhone Tracker

These first 3 factors are essential for any professional iPhone tracker application. You should never buy anything that doesn’t have at least these 3 features right out of the bat:

1. Safe to Use

The last thing you want is to break the iPhone when installing the smart phone monitoring app. For this not to happen is important to choose a professional tracking application and not just any app you can download for free or purchase for pennies in the AppStore. Keeping an iPhone tracker application updated with the latest Apple changes is not easy and costs money, so invest a little to find the best possible candidate to help you reach your goals.

2. Fast

You need to find proof right away. In any dire situation there is no time to read a lengthy manual or learn how to operate this new iPhone tracking app. Choose an app with a fast installation and one that captures all the information from the iPhone automatically with minimal user intervention.

3. Undetectable

Obviously, you don’t want to be discovered. You don’t want the iPhone tracking app to alert the user in any way and put you in a bad situation where you have to explain the reasons for your behavior. Do not buy a cheap spying app that is not updated often. be careful… check the websites for any clues.

Let’s see what are other important factors when choosing the best iPhone tracker in the market.

4. Cost

Once you have decided to find the truth of what is going on behind your back, the biggest problem is usually then how to choose the best iPhone tracker your wallet can buy. First and foremost, many people take into consideration the cost factor. It is important to choose a tracking app that has only a single payment; you make the initial payment and the deal is done. Payment of monthly bills is both tedious and expensive; as a matter of fact it also increases the chances of being found out by a keen spouse as it will be leaving a periodic payment trail which can be traced to you. Always go for the single payment option as its cheaper and easy to deal with in the long run.

5. Easy to Install and Operate

It is also important to get an iPhone tracker that’s not only easy to install but also easy to operate. An iPhone tracking app that can work in a variety of versions of Apple and Android, it is important to get a tracker that’s quite versatile and can operate in most mobile networks all around the world. Operating and installing the app should also be easy and the instructions simple to follow, if possible the instructions should be accompanied with full screen captures that clearly explain how the iPhone tracker app should be installed. Also make sure that the iPhone tracking app you are buying has a technical support department which you can call upon in case you have any problem with the application.
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6. Remote Operation

A good iPhone tracker should also allow you to remotely control your target phone from a secure online control panel and remotely uninstall the application, remotely lock that particular phone if it is lost or even remotely take pictures from the target phone.

7. Social Features

With the social media growing in leaps and bounds, it is also important to get an iPhone tracker that can not only give you access to the various social platforms but also provide you with any messages the user might delete afterwards. Platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype are now a must have for a majority of people especially so for teenagers (find which social apps are teenagers using the most this 2015 by clicking here:, it is therefore imperative that you get a tracker that can provide details about the communication going on between these platforms. This is the only way for you to make sure all communication ways are being monitored.

8. Access vs. No Access (or How to Spy Remotely)

With an iPhone you have the incredible option to be able to spy remotely. Obviously, having access to the iPhone and installing the iPhone tracker app locally will provide you with the greatest amount of captured information possible, but for many people getting their hands on the iPhone can be difficult or impossible. Both of the applications I recommend below are able to spy an iPhone locally and remotely. The only big requirement to spy remotely is to have the credentials used by the iPhone to connect to their cloud storage or iCloud. Once you have that information you don’t need to install anything on the phone, on your computer or anywhere else, the whole application is web based and you can review the information captured by the iPhone tracker from any device with access to the web.

The Perfect Solution

You can find a comparison between two of the best leading iPhone trackers in the market by visiting our page:

Apart from virtually having all the above mentioned qualities and features, both monitoring apps are also easy to purchase and are readily available online. Both smartphone monitoring applications can provide you with all current text messages, call logs, browser history, all installed and running applications, emails, and pictures and video.

Accessing this information is also quite easy; as the information is captured from the target phone, the iPhone tracking app will send this data to secure servers where you can access it by using your password and username to log into your dashboard website. This process will take you a few minutes and is quite easy to accomplish.

The instructions are clear and well illustrated, giving you an easy time when installing the app to the target phone. Make a point of getting your copy today and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you will have access to all kinds of information and hiding something bad from you will be impossible using this iPhone tracker.